Paul Calande

Rocket Puncher: A bullet hell game where you fly through space and punch enemy spaceships.

Sonar: A top-down maze game where the player uses sonar pings to detect walls and coins. Made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2018.

Project IONA: A puzzle game where the player must place tiles in specific formations to form squares.

Gem Spinner: An incremental game with a focus on probability.

VR Mountain God: A virtual reality game where you're a huge and powerful god. Use your powers to support your tiny little villagers and protect them from the invaders.

The Hollows: A virtual reality game featuring cave spelunking with both rock climbing and monster evasion.

Five Nights at Alan Turing's: Bounce around the hilly landscape and absorb the power of lost souls to gain upgrades. Whenever night arrives, evade Alan Turing's wrath until you can restore power to the sun once more.

His Excellency's Chef: A medieval-themed cooking game where you work to keep your customers satisfied.

I have made MANY projects in Game Maker and Game Maker Studio, but I have not posted them here. The software many of those projects were made in has been deprecated and often does not function correctly on modern hardware. I do not believe they are particularly relevant to my employability, but if you would like to see them, please feel free to email me.